Hi everyone,

For about one year I have been using a 550D with a 24-105 L 4 is and with a 70-200 L 2.8 lenses and I have to say I have been happy with my IQ.

Recently though I bought a used 1D MKii to try for the first time a xD body, and I loved it! Loved the body quality, the 45 af points and the extra customization, but when comparing the jpg images that both produced I have the impression that the 550D delivers a better image.
I didn't compare the raw images yet, but I have the feeling the 550D would come out victorious from this fight.

So I ask, leaving aside all the other differences between them, would you say that any of the cameras have a much better IQ then the other?
Please add on this comparison the 70D as well to be able to compare to a new digic5 as well OBS: I understand the differences between them, my questions here is about IQ only!

I am asking because I am not sure if I should keep both 550D and 1D MKii or sell both and get a 70D that seems to be a good upgrade from the 550D and not that far from the 45af points quality from the 1D.

Any light on the question will be very appreciated! Thanks!