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Thread: Gitzo GT1541, GT1542T or GT2541

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    Gitzo GT1541, GT1542T or GT2541

    Hey everyone - thanks in advance for your help.

    I am looking to finally follow Thom Hogan's advice and get a good tripod. I've been suffering with my 3021BPRO Bogen/Manfrotto Alum. 5.6 lbs monster for eight years and don't take it nearly as much as I wish I did because of the weight.

    I intend to eventually replace the 3021BPRO with a 3 series Gitzo, but for now...

    Here are my requirements:
    1. Must be able to fit w/out a head into a 22" domestic rolling suitcase (20" internal length?) as I want to be able to take it with me on business trips for sight-seeing and 'detours.'
    2. As sturdy as possible.
    3. I am 6'0" tall - while I don't mind bending down to compose on a shorter rig obviously not having to extend a center column as much or at all is nice.
    4. I do not plan on using anything heavier than a 5D3 with 70-200 2.8 on this. Longer lenses will go on a monopod (sports) or eventually a larger tripod.

    That's it. I will be using either a BH-30 or Markins Q3T head eventually. At present I have an Induro BHL3 which will have to suffice for now.

    While I covet the GT2542T it is out of the price range especially with the current pricing on the three I am considering. Therefore, I would like the 2541, but I am not sure it can fit within the rolling suitcase (even on an angle) and if it can, would it take too much real estate?
    It would be helpful if those with any of these three tripods (Gitzo GT1541, GT1542T or GT2541) can provide the folded widest diameter so I can gauge that.

    Thank you,
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