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Thread: Shoulder Bags

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    Shoulder Bags

    Hi all, I have been using the for over a good while now, but I have just recently began to browse the forum, and this is my first post. But enough with the introduction.

    I am looking for a new shoulder bag to use on short outings and trips when I wish to only bring my T2i, a couple of lenses, maybe a flash, and some accessories, rather than my heavy backpack that has many extra accessories and equipment that I do not need for most shoots. I have a shoulder bag right now, but its getting old and it is not as big as I would like it to be (internal dimensions are: 10w X 4.5d X 6.5h in inches. Also as reference to size, my big pieces of equipment are a T2i with battery grip, 17-40L, 28 f1.8, tamron 75-300 and 28-80, an old Pentax-k bayonet 50 f1.7, and a promaster 5750 flash). So I would like a bag that is at least a little bigger than my current bag, preferably with a weather cover and a decent amount of protection and padding, since it will be used primarily on outdoor trips. Comfort is not my primary factor, although it is obviously always a plus. Looks are not a big deal either, but no one likes an ugly bag. Also, I don't really like bags that are wide, but not very deep, like some messenger bags are. I do not currently have a tablet or small laptop, but a slot for one would be nice for future purposes.

    My price range is around $85-110. The bags that I am currently looking at are the Lowepro Nova sport 17L and 35L (Although the 35l may be bigger than I need), the Nova 200 AW, and the tamrac system 6 and pro 8. I have a small Lowepro toploading bag, so I know how good Lowepro's quality is, but I have never used Tamrac or most other brands before. Also, Bestbuy is the only store near me that has camera bags (and their selection is small), so going to a shop to try them out in person is sadly not an option.

    Anywho, I hope I am not asking for too much and I hope this whole post was comprehensible! Thanks for reading and responding!
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    I have a Lowenpro photorunner 100 a bit small for what it seems you want to carry, the reason I reference is that it didn't seem to have the quality I was expecting.

    I have a big ApeCase backpack which I call my cargo bag because I fit just about everything in it.

    I received for Xmas a Timbuk2 Snoop Large Shoulder/Messenger bag. Not too wide, very deep. Put my 5dIII,70-200,24-105, flash, 2x TC, 40mm pancake, nifty fifty stacked w/ extension tubes and it was not over stuffed, indeed has a bit more room and has a slot for tablet/17" laptop. the exterior is GRU which I take as a heavy nylon covered vinyl. Some extra snaps and straps for tripod

    Haven't really used it but was pleased how much would actually fit.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi Maylemay,

    First of all, welcome to the forum.

    At first glance at your post, I thought of the Crumpler Million Dollar bags or the lowepro slingshots. I don't own either, but have heard good things.

    But it seems that you are most interested in weight. I added a second backpack largely due to weight last spring. I found the Lowepro Flipside 400AW on ebay. It weighed in at ~ 3 lbs and holds a good amount of gear. It has become my most often used pack.

    Good luck

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    There are a lot of good options out there I think, it comes down to personal preferences what one likes best.
    I have been happy with ThinkTank products (Urban Disguise and Retrospective). For your price range and needs, maybe have a look at the Sub Urban Disguise series. If you follow the link from (at the bottom of the page), you might get a little extra on top, and you support the site


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    I can recommend the Think Tank Retrospective range - discrete, comfortable, easy to configure for your needs and offers reasonable protection from day-to-day hazards

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