I was surprised to see just how much less expensive crop sensor equipment is than it used to be:

Canon 17-55 -- $779
Canon 10-22 -- $529
Canon 60 Macro -- $395

I thought these lenses before were ~ $1100 and ~ $800? (17-55, 10-22).

That's a pretty serious drop and on the used market the 17-55 can be found for less than $600 now.

Who'd have thought a year ago that you could get a top of the EF-S line lens outfit for $1,703 brand new to cover ultra wide, normal, and macro? Has nearly everyone here made the 35mm FF jump now or are many shooting crop cameras?

Plus the 70D looks like a really good camera as well. The 200mm crops on the site are showing it to be reasonably competitive with 35mm FF and decisively better than 60D and 7D.

I still have my 60D and have been wrestling with what to sell. I was going to get rid of the 60 macro, but am getting cold feet.

35mm FF definitely has awesome image quality, but it costs to get there.