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Thread: MP-E65 EXIF data question

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    MP-E65 EXIF data question

    Does anyone know if the magnification data is reported and stored with the EXIF data (or somewhere else) for the MP-E 65?

    In LR and DPP, I only see the basic lens description showing 65mm as the focal length, regardless of the magnification being used.

    My goal was to do a comparison of the subject at various magnification levels - including comparisons with extenders…but when I loaded everything into LR - none of the data was there. Next time I will write it down!

    Thanks for the help!

    The cameras being used: EOS-M; 70D; 5D3 (no difference in the way it was reporting between bodies)

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    No, the magnification isn't recorded in the EXIF for the MP-E 65mm. Same story for tilt/shift movements on TS-E lenses.

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