I am not sure how I feel about Scott Kelby's announcement that he swtichec from Nikon to Cannon, especially after it came when

Canon signed on a a tour sponsor.


Maybe the same way I felt when I realized Zack Arias was sponsored by Fuji.

I am finding it hard to fully trust reviews when I suspect there are underlying sponsored relationships.

With that in mind I realize that I use TDP for equipment and technology advice, as TDP is not heavy on artistic technique.

Realize I am also a Canon man and have no plans to switch.

But I am have the sense that the equipment and technology advice I receive here is heavily Canon biased with an occasional bone

slipped to Nikon or other. What I need to strike a balance in my professional career to get the best products for my customers.

Perhaps if we had some disclosures from our major contributors we could make our own conclusions.

Additionally I am noticing a decline in posting and wondering if we don't refresh and expand that TDP interest will run out.

No plans to leave, just a comment for quality improvement.

Thank you