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Thread: Buffer to card: could the 1-series do it better?

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    Buffer to card: could the 1-series do it better?

    For years, the 1-series has offered four different card usage options: "pick a card", "duplicate", "different formats for different cards", or "sequential". As far as I know, the weak link is the write speed of the memory card; my understanding is the camera is done with the image file in milliseconds and throws it in the buffer.

    Could Canon "do better" by offering a fifth card usage option: "striped"? In other words, put image 1 on card 1, image 2 on card 2, image 3 on card 1, back and forth, thereby doubling the effective write speed of the cards in use.

    If in fact this is reasonable, how do we funnel the idea to someone at Canon who will listen?

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    or even a Raid-0 type of striped? That would be risky though ...

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    Hmmmm, I bet if you asked the Magic Lantern types they could get this done for the 5d3
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    Considering that both memory cards are attached to the same Digic processor, I'm not so sure that alternating between them will solve or even improve the situation.
    But I don't know.
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