Post your what? Snaps... life's routine shots when you are out and about and having fun. Shots need not be perfect.

I posted in a thread a few days ago that I'd post some more images here. I think part of what led me to post relatively few images is that I tried to keep anything posted to an extremely high standard of technical quality. Sometimes you really like an everyday shot. Maybe this thread will be good to post that types of shots?

To start here are some images from the beach of Megans Bay in St. Thomas USVI

No 1 Life Guard Chair

2014_02_12_6358_LR_upd by dthrog00, on Flickr

No 2 Row of Palm Trees

2014_02_12_6339_upd by dthrog00, on Flickr

No 3 Aged Boat

2014_02_12_6285_LR_upd by dthrog00, on Flickr

No 4 The Beach

2014_02_12_6362_LR_upd by dthrog00, on Flickr

Thanks for viewing.