Hi all! Long time no see...

I haven't really been around for at least the past year(and was already less active the time before that). The one thing that really kept me coming back to peak at the site once in a while where the assignments that I hosted. Luckily Brant had my back and took over when it was really needed. Which I'm extremely thankful for, thanks Brant you're the best!

A lot has happened in the past few years that de-motivated me, kept me from taking photos or enjoying it.
A little background:
I've had physical issues for a year or five now. The docs thought I had chronic bursitis in my shoulder, but after 3 years it turned out I have neck-problems which result in irritated nerves and bursitis as a consequence of dealing with it the wrong way. I have been rehabilitating and I'm doing way better now. Still can't really carry a backpack or carry the camera for longer times, but I start to enjoy taking photos again.
Unfortunately I had to quit university because of it and I had to find a job. I now have a great job considering I have no real degrees, but it's a busy one. I also moved out of my parents house a little over half a year now and am settling down with my lovely girlfriend. I also became uncle of a lovely niece and nephew last year(and another one coming soon). Great stuff!

I'm definitely in an upward spiral now. And now that I'm settling down more and more I want to pick up on photography again. I've tried that for a few months now, but it's not really taking shape yet although I took 1500 photos the last 2 months compared to the grand total of 3000(unsorted) last year

Anyway I want to get my mojo back and therefor I challenge myself to get active again over here. I want to submit one(or more) photo each week on this thread that I took or edited from my library. Because my physical condition and free time don't always allow me to go out to take photos I also want to work on my unsorted librarywhich is very very big!

Please criticize my work, because when I look around the forums I notice that I'm really back to the amateur-state again.