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Thread: DPP v4.0

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    Thanks for the link alex.

    This appears to be a download from an EU location. Caught me wondering if my downloading to a US site would be problematic. Anyone run across difficulties yet?

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    Edit-I have some learning to do about replying below someone's question, as I meant this to appear below Nitehawks, uhoh, now I can't see the conversation to know if that is the correct spelling of the commenters name. ________________________________________anyway here goes

    Well that is a question that some of us feel strongly about, but which may never happen. For example if it did happen you could always get Adobe's DNG Converter software, free of charge, to do the conversion to access the older files.
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    Rich, I used that link myself here in the States with no issues.
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    alex, the link you provided appears to be only for the EU products. No?

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