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Thread: Loss of EXIF data when I go between DPP and CS6. Is there a better way?

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    Loss of EXIF data when I go between DPP and CS6. Is there a better way?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a new forum member though I have been following the forum since 2010 when I found this site while researching DSLRs. I have benefitted tremendously from all of the contributions so thank you!

    I use DPP for my RAW processing and actually really like the results I get from what it is capable of doing. However I do use CS6 for anything that I can't do in DPP. When I need CS6, after making my DPP adjustments, I convert to a TIFF and then open the TIFF in Photoshop, work on it, and save it. When I open the saved file in DPP most of the EXIF data is gone. All that remains is file name, file size, camera model, shooting date and time, and image size. Is there another way of working with both DPP and CS6 that would allow me to retain my EXIF data?

    Thanks so much,

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    I am not sure you can write it to the file,back when I used it I don't think you could. But my suggestion is you switch and use Light Room 5.
    A few years back DPP did as well as the others. Today there are better choices with improvements in noise reduction and other functions.

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    Not sure why, but I repeated the procedure and lost my EXIF as well. Actually, any photo I processed with Adobe showed a more limited suite of EXIF information when I looked at it through DPP.

    However, the same images exported to flickr show the full EXIF. So I am not sure it is gone, just, for some reason, DPP does not read the full information after being process by LR or CS.

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    Thanks for the responses. Kayaker I appreciate knowing that the full EXIF is there in Flicker (I don't have a Flicker account so I didn't know that). I can also see it in Photoshop. I called Canon this morning and had an excellent talk about this with one of the customer service reps. Apparently Canon has been aware of this problem for quite a long time now. It is true that once you have saved a file in LR or Photoshop you will no longer be able to read a lot of the EXIF data in DPP. While this is frustrating for me, at least I know that it isn't something I was doing wrong!

    HDNitehawk - I actually have LR5 and will probably use it in the future for landscapes but for bird photography, which is my passion, I love using DPP (and then Photoshop if I need it and that isn't all that often). I guess no software is perfect for me - haha! I have some LR questions too so I'll start another thread for that soon.

    Thanks so much,

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