So, one of the things I had wanted to do after our discussion about the assignments was start a "How to make this better?" thread under "Image Critique." I've been busy, but now I have a need.

I was in Chicago over the weekend visiting my sister and her 6 week old son. I did a quick photo shoot. It went well, for the most part (I am really wondering why I chose some angles that I did), but my nephew has a "Stork Bite" in the form of a red "V" on his forehead. My sister, who would prefer me to not post family photos, was wondering if I could remove the "V" for the shots she wants to send out with the birth announcement and Christmas cards.

I have Lightroom and I have photoshop. I have tried cloning and can get it close. But it isn't as good as I would like.

Do any one have any suggestions on how to process the photo to remove a red "V" on the top of my nephew's forehead?