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I was hoping someone would get the 400 DO so I could see if it is a worthwhile lens or not. And I was kind of hoping it would be you because you are very thurough and particular in you assessments.

Go ahead... give it a try so I can live vicariously; and even better, find a problem so I can keep my wallet intact.
I have a feeling that once I bought the 400mm I wouldn't find anything wrong with it. I would just end up encouraging you to buy it and your wallet would be ravaged.

My new 500 just showed up, the box had a hole punched in the side of it during shipping and the UPS guy had placed tape over it. It was at a spot that it shouldn't have hurt anything.
I think the best you can hope for is I have buyers remorse or that something is wrong with the 500mm, I send it back and try the 400mm instead. I suspect that will not happen either.