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    Pano Advise

    I have been doing Pano's lately.
    Actually I have had fairly good luck hand holding a series rather than off the tripod.

    For some reason after I make them they always look badly OOF on my computer. I uploaded the one below to Flickr and it looked ok.
    When I print them they look fine, if I zoom in they are fine. Not sure why my computer is doing this, any ideas?

    Feel free to make comments, I will take as much education as I can get.This is the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, next to the White House.
    Processed in LR, used lens correction hand held with the 5D II. Stacked the Pano in Photoshop, flattened, took the Tiff back to LR to crop then converted in LR. Not sure why but I haven't been able to crop either the Tiff or the JPG in Photoshop or DPP.

    20140823-Untitled_Panorama1 by hdnitehawk01, on Flickr

    PS; I already know I am a little off center of the building. It also just has a slight tilt to help camouflage it being off center.
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