I was out and about today in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire, trying to get some good pictures of the snowfall.

I had my camera around my neck and was carrying my 5D Mark III with my 24-105L attached. While walking, I stepped on some ice and slipped. I managed to maintain my grip on the camera, but upon landing, my arm extended and the tip of the lens hit the pavement, hard.

Upon inspection, the glass, which had been my immediate worry, seemed fine. However, a decent sized chunk of the filter ring had broken off and cracked. I took a few shots and the internals seemed to be fine as well, I noticed no lag or inaccuracies with autofocus, and the zoom and focus rings still worked smoothly.

I have had this lens for just over a year and a half now and I am not sure if it is still covered under warranty. I plan on sending it in regardless to get it checked on and fixed. I am going to call Canon's customer service as soon as they open on Monday to get everything figured out. Has anyone experienced something like this before? Any ideas on what it will cost to fix?

Here are some pictures of the damage.