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Thread: Brotherly photoshoot (critique needed)

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    Brotherly photoshoot (critique needed)

    Hey guys my brother asked me to take some Portraits of him, and of course I was glad too, this was some good experience for me too since I don't take many portraits (not by choice, I just don't know anyone) so I got to work and below are a few I took, and no photographers were harmed in the taking of these photos.

    need Critique for these, don't worry I can take it haha

    P.S. [these shots were taken with the canon 40mm pancake]

    1 very light post work done here.

    my brother by zachary T., on Flickr

    2 again just light work done.

    IMG_7975m by zachary T., on Flickr

    3 cropped, 2 photos merged to get pistol barrel and eyes in focus.

    Untitled-1m by zachary T., on Flickr

    4 cropped, converted to B/W, low-key effect added, again 2 photos merged for eyes and barrel.

    Untitled-2mmm by zachary T., on Flickr

    5 The Experiment easy to tell what I've done here mostly just for fun.

    test 2 by zachary T., on Flickr

    a tripod was only used for number 5
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