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Thread: My first real ventrure into portraiture, looking for any and all feedback.

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    My first real venture into portraiture, looking for any and all feedback.

    I just got the Canon 85mm f/1.8 this week and I have already fallen in love with the lens. Currently, the apartment I live in has an empty room since I am between roommates at the moment. This room happens to be filled with beautiful light throughout the day because of it's location on the corner of the building. I took a friend of mine and decided to try my hand at a real portrait, something planned and thought out instead of a heat of the moment kid of deal, which is the only other time I have taken a shot like this.

    Anyways, here we go.

    Canon 85mm f/1.8 on Canon 5D Mark III
    Mounted on a Really Right Stuff BH-25 ballhead and Gitzo GT0351 tripod legs.
    ISO 1000
    Natural Light

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    very good David!!! the lighting in the room is excellent, I do notice a bit of burring above her right eye in the hair, this could just be me, some of here not looking right at the lens would be nice too, anyway that's my two-cents

    again great job, and since i'm just starting out it portraits myself, don't think to hard about what I say.


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    David -

    I quite like this -- very well done! I think it is the fact that the background matches her eye colour, which really adds punch to the shot. Or maybe it's the slight tilt of her head, or the tight smile that make it a winner. Regardless, it's definitely a great result and I'm sure Leah must be pleased with it too.

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