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Thread: sensor vs lens

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    sensor vs lens

    not sure which precise topic but....

    Notices a headline on 20mp 4/3rds sensor. DON'T FLAME ME... yet.

    If the read noise, etc, etc, etc suspend physics of sensors for the moment.

    Would infinitely small photosites in effect create an effective analog sensor? Diffraction is what ever it is, resolution is whatever it is..

    Lens resolution returns to the very front issue????
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    Lens resolution is already an issue with the more pixel dense sensors. Use Nikon crop body 24MP at work with a variety of lenses to allow getting the most detail out of a specimen image as possible. Find that at 100% all of the edges are rather soft and fuzzy and yes it is on a tripod and no it is not stopped down enough for diffraction to be an issue.

    Downsizing yields a great image. Edge sharpening techniques do wonderful things.

    Another way to look at lens resolution currently is that they offer different amounts of blurring in the corners of the image to help bring attention back to the central subject on almost every sensor, which is not being improved with smaller pixels.

    If film is considered to be analogue then I would point out that it was based on physical grains in the dye layers which imposed a limit on how fine a resolution it could offer as well. I do believe that modern sensors use pixels that are already smaller than the fine grained films but do not provide the same texture among other attributes. Early objections to old digital images when film was still commonly shot was that the digital files looked too sharp and lacked the softening effect provided by grain in the film stock as well as in the photo papers.

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