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Thread: Lightroom 6 or CC

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    I just installed Lightroom 6.0.1, which is an update to fix a couple of bugs. It doesn't seem to offer any performance improvements. My impression is that LR6 is definitely slower than version 5. I'm running it on a new laptop with a compatible GPU enabled, and I also have a fast SSD for the program files. My images are on an external drive, as has always been the case for me. Maybe things will get better with subsequent updates..? I've tried the program both with and without the GPU enabled, and it seems to make no difference. I'm not doing any scientific (or even unscientific) tests here... just completely subjective.

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    Thanks for the input Jonathan. My version 5 is pretty slow compared to 4, so I can only imagine the difference I would have with version 6. Might switch to using acr like I use to and see if there is any speed difference. I think they are pretty much the same when it comes to development.

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