This may be a question with no answer, but I am hoping some of you with multiple bodies can assist in this. I have recently purchased a 6D and own a 7D also. Is there any way, other than changing the information every time, to specifically point the camera to a specific point to import the images. I have a folder set up as a Canon folder, then have the images broken down by camera, and then finally by date. What I am running into is that every time I plug my camera in to import, I have to change the file destination, name of file, and sequence number. Gets a little sucky after a while and I am not sure if there is any way to save settings for a particular camera so I don't have to do that every time. I thought there should be since each time it opens in the Utility, it states the model of the camera plugged into the usb port.

I know I am old school and should probably just get a card reader to do my dirty work, but I started this way some time ago and have gotten into a routine.