Some may remember my previous post about picking rental lenses for an Alaska cruise at http://community.the-digital-picture...ead.php?t=7434 - thanks again for everyone's commentary.

We did another (shorty) Alaska cruise in April, and I had a blast with gear. My wife had a 5D3 with 11-24 and 24-105, and a 7D2 with 70-300L. I had a 1D3 with 16-35/2.8II, a 1Dx with 100-400II (and a 14/2.8II for true wide needs), and a 1Dx with 600/4II and 1.4x TC III. We also took the 85/1.2II and the 100/2.8 Macro IS for fun.

We're thinking of doing another Alaska cruise in August, and I want to ask your opinions and insights for the wide end of what I plan to take. I'm pretty well set on the 1Dx/100-400II and the 1Dx/600 with TCs (I'll probably take a 1.4x and a 2x just to play a bit). However, I've decided that my trusty 1D3 is not only showing its age (ISO limit of 3200) but the 1.3x crop factor is also "inconvenient". So...assume money is no object BUT that I don't have a sherpa to carry a plethora of lenses. Figure that I'm willing to carry two lenses in the 11mm-99mm range, I'm willing to tolerate a reasonable gap between what I do carry in the 11-99 range and the 100-400, and that I'll be shooting either from a cruise ship (possible tripod at times, otherwise handheld), possibly walking around town (assume handheld), or possibly on an excursion (lighthouse/totems/eagles tour on a boat, whale watch on a boat plus glacier viewing "hike" on foot, photo safari by van with some time on foot, whale watch into sunset). Which of these lenses and cameras would you pick (two lenses max, one camera max):

11-24/4, 14/2.8II, 16-35/2.8II, 16-35/4IS, 24-70/2.8 (I own v1, but could rent a v2 if worthwhile), other suggestions are reasonable.
6D, 5D Mark III, 5Ds R, 5Ds.

Specifically, is the 5Ds[R] a waste if handheld?

Sidebar: as much as I absolutely loved the 11-24, odds are extremely high that I'd rent one for my wife, and could use it when we weren't on an excursion, but would probably feel like it's a waste to rent two of them "just to have it all the time". We already own the 14/2.8II, the 16-35/2.8II, and the 24-70/2.8, but would rent the 16-35/4IS and/or the 24-70/2.8II if there was reasonable input from the forum that they'd make a difference. I also feel like the 11-24 is so big that it'd be a challenge to use with my existing LowePro LensExchange 200 case.