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Thread: Mode dial plaque fell off. Can I glue back on?

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    Mode dial plaque fell off. Can I glue back on?


    The little metal cap or plaque with the settings printed on it (M, Av, TV, etc.) fell off the mode dial on top of my 6d. It goes back into place but won't stay. It had tiny dabs of "glue" on the back of it, so apparently it had been glued on?

    Should I glue it (carefully) back on? I really really don't feel like mailing my camera away for service in high shooting season for something so dumb. I have a trip in a week and then we have family in town for the next week.

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    At a minimum, I'd call canon and ask for their advice. I've called them on a couple occasions and they've been very helpful.

    Second, if under warranty, I'd just send it back in and live without your camera for a week or so. If out of warranty and you do choose to DYI, I'd try small pieces of double sided tape rather than glue. If you use a glue, I'd try very small dabs of one that will not run. My fear would be something like superglue that could run into the dial itself and jam it up.

    As for double sided tape, the EZPass mounted on the inside of the windshield on one of our cars came off. I thought I'd do a quick fix with double sided tape. About 5 yrs later, still stuck to the inside of the windshield with the same double sided tape.

    Let's us know how it works out.

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