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Thread: Experience w/ DPP 4.2.32 for 5DS-R

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    Experience w/ DPP 4.2.32 for 5DS-R

    So I am sitting here more than exhausted after a couple of days exploring and a little shooting.... And... Record high temps - 100 F degrees yesterday - that is on the Fahrenheit scale. It is cooler in Orlando (Humidity is a different discussion).

    Anyway. Testing the 5DS-R and so far so really good. Downloaded the software from Canon and am looking at some pics, and would love to share them you, but the "convert and save" just produces 54k black jpgs.

    I suspect someone who has studied it more has the solution. I am just not that geeky... Help!

    FYI, the giggle is a pic of ground squirrel about 25 feet away - 182mm out of my 70-200 f5. In the reflection of his eye you can see me, the sun, the clouds, and the mountain behind me. LOL.
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    Busted Knuckles,

    That is strange (and frustrating I'm sure). I'm not having trouble with creating JPGs from 5Ds R RAW files using DPP's CTRL-D or CTRL-B. I'm on build

    Does Batch process (CTRL-B) work for you?

    Does output to TIFF work?

    Calling Canon support might be the most expedient solution. Another idea is to uninstall your Canon software and reinstall from the DVD in the 5Ds R box.

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