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Thread: Upgrading body - lens help please.

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    Up around Storyland, in terms of restaurants: Margarita Grill in one of our favorites, as is "Glen Junction" for breakfast. They have a family/train theme, but also good food. Activities with a 3 yr old can be a challenge and not sure how suited waterfalls may be, but I'll let you be the judge. Glen Ellis falls is right off the road. You have to descend ~80 ft down steps to get to the base. Crystal Cascades is behind the AMC Visitor Center off Rt 16 in Pinkham notch. That is ~0.3-0.4 miles hike up hill (Tuckerman Ravine trail). I've always enjoyed driving the loop 16B makes in Jackson and there is a series of waterfalls right along side the road and a couple of covered bridges.

    In Conway, Café Noche is another favorite restaurant. The "Scenic Railway" train is a option that you've likely thought of. Diana's Baths is another waterfall that isn't too much of a hike that is on the Mout Mtn side of Conway.

    There are plenty of good spots to canoe. Around Conway, a favorite is Brownfield bog in Maine. The put in is really just a steep wide spot off a gravel road, but it has a lot of twists and turns though a marsh. If you head to the other side of the Whites, Long pond is small, but very scenic. You pass right by "Lost River" on the way to Long pond. Of course for waterfalls, the famous "Flume" is on the other/Franconia Notch side. That may be approaching an "easy" hike, but it really gets down to what you think is easy (I know those that do not think it is), and it would be too much for a toddler unless you are carrying them somehow. "The Basin" is a cool waterfall a short hike just off I-93 over there.

    Of course, the very easy stops are just driving the loop from Conway, through Crawford notch, then Franconia Notch and back to Conway through the Kancamagus. In that loop you'll pass a few ponds, waterfalls, Mt. Washington Hotel (drinks on the porch?), Cog Railway (there are some small waterfalls just off the road on the way), Franconia Notch (Gondola to summit), The Basin, Lincoln, overlooks and different waterfalls (Sabbaday, Rocky Gorge, Lower Falls, etc) just off the Kancamagus.

    Best thing I can do is recommend "Quiet Waters: New Hampshire/Vermont" to find a canoe location, and then for waterfalls, "New England Waterfalls" has both a book and website. Both are very good books and have been how I discovered much of New Hampshire.

    Hope you have a good trip.
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