Hi all.

This is my very first post - so please bear with me, if I've created this thread in the wrong category.

I'm a beginner to photographing. My partner (well, I'm her assistant) told me to buy a Canon 600D, a 50mm lens and the 430ex ii speedlite flash.

When I shoot in auto mode, the flash works and never misses a shot even though I shoot 2 images per second or so. The problem is that the shutter speed is at 60 and ISO is 1600. (these were the automated settings last time I tried. It was 30 minutes 'til sun down). This gives me blurry images. I'm going to shoot at mostly weddings so this is a big problem.

If I shoot on manual settings my shutter speed is 100 and so is ISO. By using these settings, the flash doesn't always work. It takes up 3 to 4 seconds. That's too long.

What can I do to make the speedlite work every single time on my own manual settings?