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Thread: 1st 5DSR multi shot stitch attempt

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    Normal viewer for windows was to slow. I used Adobe Bridge, which by the way is free if you have a subscription for LR6.

    I found what appear to be caves by the center waterfall, and in one other spot. Fifteen minutes of looking I couldn't positively identify any big game in the photo (would have been cool to find). I couldn't find any people either which is great in itself. If I were to try something this large there would be hikers in it somewhere that I didn't see till later.

    It is more impressive viewed at its normal size like this. The original you posted on flickr just doesn't do or say much. A shot like this one posted on the net begs to be pixel peeped and really IMO is how it should be presented for the web.

    How about the clouds? Is that one of the lessons learned on this one, clouds make it very hard to do? I would imagine by the time you went from one side to the other on your shots the clouds were completely different.

    Nice job.

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    I couldn't find any big game either either one I was processing it or shooting it I think the sheep or on the other side of the mountain and I know it the goats were up and Logans pass being fed by the tourists

    Thanks for the compliments it is kind of fun to wander around and see the small feature sizes that one can tease out of a high-resolution sensor the 200 millimeter zoom lens. I've calculated the main waterfall is just as .8 miles from where I was shooting the picture
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