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Thread: 1st 5DSR multi shot stitch attempt

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    1st 5DSR multi shot stitch attempt

    See I can get this posted correctly. Heavy Runner by mbarrett5076, on Flickr

    This is the downsize to 4k equivalence of a mutli-shot pano stitch of just east of Logan's Pass in Glacier National Park.

    The original stitch is 39.9k x 12.9kpixels. I used PtGui to stich together some 225 frames which in the end 15 or so were cropped out. Getting the clouds to stitch was a major pain. The parts of the mountain that were fogged in where also a major pain to align and stitch. It was shot w/ my 70-200 at 200 f7.1 and the 5DsR the jpg conversion shadow was pushed up and contract added as it was actually much foggier than it appears. This about 11 a.m. the cloud bank was very heavy. Doing the jpg conversion from raw was a lengthy process. Loading the images into the software was very lengthy, and then aligning the photos (post software attempts) was just a process that you had to resolve to do - I did it clumsily and impatiently for sure.

    In the original, the closer elements are in (as you would expect) amazing detail, the details across the valley are not as crisp as they would be w/o the cloud bank but sometimes conditions are what you want.

    I still very much like the look of this pano - I have not explored every nook and cranny - I do though giggle and snort at some of the detail across the valley and on the valley floor. I will post some 100% of some of the waterfalls, etc.

    I believe my stitching skills are still at striving to achieve the status of "rank amateur" There are so many adjustments to perspective, projection, blending/overlay, etc. I am though happy on the parallax elements and positioning of the lens. I have a pano of Hidden Lake that I did w/ the T/S 90 which is just mind blowing in detail, and I am still working on it - it has more contrast and I need to work the images more.

    Thanks for viewing.

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