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Thread: Photographing my working company

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    Photographing my working company

    Hello everyone,

    i work in a little software development company, and we are surrounded by nature, so sometimes i went out during lunch break to take some pictures.

    My boss asked me if i was able to take some pictures to the company indoor and outdoor for the web site. I don't think that this would be a problem but i would love to ask you if you have some "general" suggestion for doing that, and giving the pictures an "professional" impact.

    I don't have flash\lights to do that, but the indoor is well lighted so i will eventually work on multiple exposures.

    The office is "one big room" with a little reunion glass table and the various desks behind it, and 2\4 walls are made of glass with grey curtains.

    Thank you,



    this is the indoor of the company

    A : glass table

    B : small desk with 48" black television

    C : desk for systems engineers \ telephone \ secretary

    D : forgotten

    E : Working desks

    F : Tower Server

    The walls are white\bone white and curtains are grey

    I got only a 60D with 18-135 IS STM, 35 mm f2, 50 f1.8 & 100-400 L II no external lights\flash
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