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Thread: Lightroom CC applying profiles & focal lengths at import.

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    Question Lightroom CC applying profiles & focal lengths at import.

    Recently I purchased an M42 adapter & a Helios 44m-6 lens to use on my 7D. There is no electronic connection from the lens/adapter to the camera. When I imported today's pictures into LR CC (latest update), LR (or maybe the 7D) listed the focal length as 50mm (the lens is 58mm) and automatically applied a profile for the Rokinon 8mm fisheye.

    My default import profile sets Clarity, Vibrance, Contrast, Sharpening, Process & Calibration.

    Are these 2 'new' undocumented features of LR CC?
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    Hmmm......interesting. I'm not sure. I know that Adobe's been tinkering with the import experience (changing it and then reverting it back), so there's a possibility that they may have introduced a bug (or two) in the process.

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    Used to have the same issue with lenses of unknown focal length. LR assigns default values to certain fields in the EXIF data when they are blank. On the import tab there were options, LR5, to change these default behaviours. Would expect the CC version to be the same in that regard unless it is something else that Adobe decided to take away at some point.
    You also mentioned that there was a recent update. Occasionally updates would change default behaviours and reset which profile to apply at import to the original default profile rather than my custom ones.

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