Hi guys,

I could really use some advise. I just received a lens (Lensbaby Velvet 56) yesterday that I purchased from B&H. I ordered a Canon mount and that is what it states on the invoice and on the box but inside is NOT a Canon Mount lens. I don't know what brand of a mount it is, I assume maybe Nikon. The serial number on the lens doesn't even match what is on my invoice!

I immediately requested through B&H's website a RMA and shipping label. I heard from Tom F. via email today requesting pictures of the box and lens. I don't get why he needed the pictures but I sent them immediately hours before they closed but never heard back from him. I couldn't call because I was at work. Now they are closed until Sunday.

On Sunday, I plan on calling there so I am wondering if there is someone there that you recommend I talk to that will help me out with exchanging this for the correct mount? I hope they don't think I swapped out the lens or something!! What would I be doing with anything but a Canon mount lens!?

I am worried that they won't exchange it. I am just recently back to work after being laid off for a very, very long time and was thrilled to start slowly building my gear back up after selling so much of it to make ends meet. I can't afford to be out this money and stuck with a lens I can't use! I have never had a problem with B&H before and heaven knows I've spent a ton of money there in the past!

So, is Tom F. the guy I should ask to speak with or do you recommend someone else? Thank you for any suggestions!!