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Thread: Fun with a hawk and an adrenaline junky squirrel

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    Fun with a hawk and an adrenaline junky squirrel

    So there were 4 attacks. Foggy morning looking at my back yard (fence is for the grandchild - there is a lake in the back). The first I was drinking my coffee with no camera, the 2nd completely out of focus and around the tree, the third you see below, the last was away and through the trees w/o no shots worthwhile. This isn't all that art worthy - really some fun and asking for advice.

    The focus is off - not sure why, it was in servo mode, focus priority, case mode 2, All sensors - I switched to the center 9 later. Would like suggestions on how to get the focus right on this type of shooting.

    This the 2nd taunt by the squirrel - first resulted in a round the tree attack

    MDB_1262 by mbarrett5076, on Flickr

    The chase begins - left side of frame (yes we have lots of squirrels to choose from )

    MDB_1263 by mbarrett5076, on Flickr

    Drawing a bead

    MDB_1264 by mbarrett5076, on Flickr

    Closing in

    MDB_1265 by mbarrett5076, on Flickr

    Looking bad for the squirrel

    MDB_1266 by mbarrett5076, on Flickr

    Tunnell!!! Where the [expletive] did that come from!!!!

    MDB_1267 by mbarrett5076, on Flickr

    One frustrated hawk

    MDB_1268 by mbarrett5076, on Flickr

    I know you are in there

    MDB_1273 by mbarrett5076, on Flickr
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