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Thread: 17-40mm question

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    17-40mm question

    I was wondering if anyone here has used the 17-40 Lfor macro workwith a 25mmextension tube. What are your thoughts? How does image quality compare to the 100mm f/2.8 macro? I imagine it would have some distortion and be very difficult to have a blurred background, etc. Thanks!

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    Re: 17-40mm question

    This will take time to load - keep refreshing it. No tube but not too bad real close up.

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    Re: 17-40mm question

    Bryan'sreview of the 25mm II extension tube does say that it should only be used with lenses of 50mm+. I wonder if it would work at all with a 17-40 or if it would vignette too badly.

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    Re: 17-40mm question

    To Daniel:

    Thats a great picture, thanks.

    To HiFiGuy1:

    I thought of that too, but he also mentioned the magnification with the 25mm tube on the 17-40 review (1.02x).

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    Re: 17-40mm question

    If I recall correctly, Canon recommended that the 25 not be used on lenses wider than 50mm and Canon provided the 17-40 + 25mm ET spec. That would be a good test to run some day.

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