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Thread: Zhongyi Mitakon Speedmaster

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    Zhongyi Mitakon Speedmaster

    Does anyone have experience with this lens maker?

    They have some pretty fast primes lenses.
    I would expect them to be somewhat soft, and with that thin of a DOF, the manual focus may need a learning curve.
    Certainly not an all purpose lens but maybe for some special situations or to add depth to a wedding portfolio.

    Feed back appreciated.

    Thank you


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    So-so review of one of their lenses on Fstoppers. Having experienced the joy of "electronic-assist" manual focus on Zeiss, I'd have to buy about 6-8 Canon lenses and 2-4 Zeiss lenses before I'd consider one of these Zhongyi lenses. But that's just my style and current buying wishes...
    We're a Canon/Profoto family: five cameras, sixteen lenses, fifteen Profoto lights, too many modifiers.

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    We received a link with some sample images taken with the new Zhongyi Mitakon Speedmaster lens. However, I chose not to publish the sample images because

    1) The images were captured with a Sony a6000, which made them a little less relevant for our needs and, more importantly...
    2) They had been edited in Lightroom with increases to sharpness and clarity, a reduction of color noise and the removal of chromatic aberrations.

    This isn't the first time I've seen sample pictures from Chinese lens manufacturers that were obviously enhanced in post before distribution. That's why I've gotten in the habit of checking for post processing before publishing links to full resolution sample images.

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