At 1/200s it could be your movement, his movement, or both.

I did AFMA the low-tech way. In good light (ie: a bright day), shoot a flat object next to a slanted one at typical a distance. A hardcover book and a meter stick at a 45 degree angle with a specific mark (ie: 50cm) aligned with the front of the book. Review on camera at 100% zoom. Judging from the slanted part, did it focus on, in front, or behind the flat object, where I focused. If it's off, adjust AFMA and and repeat.

Sure, it's not automated, but it didn't take long, and gave good results... I haven't tried to AFMA any zoom lenses though. Newer cameras allow for different AFMA settings for wide and tele ends of the lens. It *should* be as easy as doing the steps above for each end of the zoom.