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Thread: How to match Picture Style "Fine Detail" on EOS 7DII

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    How to match Picture Style "Fine Detail" on EOS 7DII

    My Canon EOS 5DS and 1DXII both have a Picture Style "Fine Detail" how do I create a similar Style on My EOS 7DII or at least match the "Out Of Camera" Jpeg sharpness?
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    On page 163 of the manual it tells you how to customize and set a picture style.
    I couldn't find the settings in the 5Ds R manual.

    But look at this page:

    Had to edit this.

    It looks as if the 5Ds is going to have a few settings the 7D II does not have. Strength, Fineness and Threshold.
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    Maybe try this in Photoshop:

    1) Flatten the image and create a duplicate layer.
    2) Image > Adjustments > Desaturate.
    3) Filter > Other > High Pass (choose a value from 0.3 - 4.0, depending on strength desired)
    4) Set layer blend mode to "Overlay"
    5) Adjust opacity of layer to taste

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    All three camera jpegs need to match.
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    I assume you are wanting a consistent JPEG output across all your bodies for event shooting of some description. Used to do that for sports shooting. Found it took some time to do but the process I followed was to get a fairly large colourful poster with a good range of tones from white, or near white, through to deep darks. Shoot under similar lighting conditions as the event, usually outdoors for me, to avoid any issues with different white balance from body to body. Staring with one body adjust the default settings, or create a new one, to get the images the way you want them. Tethered shooting is preferred for the larger monitor to review the images. Starting with the same profile settings tweak the other bodies to bring them close for sharpness, contrast, and saturation. Repeat for different light conditions you expect to encounter. Using the presets for WB, or the K scale, will avoid issues with any major inconsistencies in the AWB from body to body.
    Due to the different processors and firmware each of your camera bodies will process JPEGs slightly differently. If matching JPEG output images is critical enough to you it may be necessary to go with one standard body instead.

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