Other than the star scapes and even then not really - I have not done much if any Noise Reduction. Indeed I am perhaps lazy in that regard of fiddling much in post - take out a wire or two, pull up a shadow, but noise reduction, selectively blurring pieces and parts not so much if any really.

I will have to fiddle around a bit more. Particularly in the selective blur/focus/key light/etc techniques.

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There are a number of tips here that I am going to try. I used to use DPP faithfully but got a way from it and used ACR instead. Now when I go into the new version of DPP, I'm clueless ...maybe I'll have to study up! I'm also a few versions behind in DxO and I would love to get DeNoise but it is a tad pricey! MY GTG (Greater Than Gatsby) photoshop action works pretty good when noise isn't too bad to begin with and you only need it at around 40% but I have a few bird pics I recently took and the noise is pretty high. When I use the action it just makes everything look bad when I push it to 100%.

So sad to throw otherwise good shots away because the noise is awful!