I have never had any trouble with any of my Canon cameras in the last 15+ years with the contact pins, or any other malfunction.
They have never given me any trouble, and I only transition for updates that are life changing.

Suddenly with no known trauma I am unable to insert the CF card full in the slot on my 5DIII.

I am assuming there is a bent or damaged contact pin.
I am unable to visualize the pins adequately from the opening.

My choices:

As I rarely (never) use the SD and the CF card together (reason can be explained later).
I CAN survive with the SD slot only.

Or do I send in for repair? Which I guess with be about $300 when combining shipping, parts, and labor.

Attempt a self repair? Which in my hands could result in a nonoperational unit when I am done.

I don't like any of my equipment not functioning 100% but don't really need to part with $300+
The part is less than $50. Do I watch a you tube video and take a chance?

Any advice?
Similar experiences and outcomes?
Is there any other reasonable explanation for the problem. (yes I tried multiple cards)?
Has this been an issue with anyone else?

Thank you