Everyone…I am thinking about the jump to Full Frame. Currently I shoot with a 7D and I have a T3i as a backup. Ive been thinking about selling the T3i and a few low end lenses and getting into a used full frame. I don't shoot weddings or major events. I do lots of landscape, birds etc but I would like to concentrate on children and family portraits. I don't have the budget for anything brand new. Used 5D II can be found for under $1000

All Canon Lenses: 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8, 17-55 2.8, 75-300 5.6. , 60mm Macro 1.8, ULTRAWIDE 10-22 , 400mm Prime L series 5.6
Canon 580EXII Speed lite and 320ex as backup

All feedback and suggestions are welcome and appreciated…