Hi all,

I need some advice on shooting weddings. I've always refused offers to do so, even when they offered for me to be paid. However I've got some friends who are a bit stuck financially and are doing a wedding in a public park and can't afford a photographer (or anything else).

So, I've agreed to do it for them for free as I've known them for years. However, this has given me GAS. I want to give them the best possible image quality and I've never shot a wedding so not sure what lenses I would need.

I've got the Tamron 24-70 and the Canon 70-200 2.8 non IS. Now, I've read that the Tamron is nowhere near as good as the Canon version, is this true? I have no problems upgrading my lens as money is not a problem at the moment but I want to make sure there's actually a difference in quality or the shots will come out better. I've got the 5DS so no need to upgrade the actual camera. Would having a 16-35 be beneficial or 17-40 be better?

Basically, I want to make sure I've got pro lenses so i can do this more going forward as I have a few other friends in similar situations who have been hinting.