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Have to say...you're right. This is one hulking chunk of glass!
Back when my wife and I were "just dating", she said to me about 6 or 9 months in that "you REALLY don't exaggerate". When I say that's how it is, that's often EXACTLY how it is. Best tale of that was when she got "serious" about bicycling, so she wanted to know what to have for breakfast before a longer ride. She knew what I'd eat but wanted more opinions. I said "ask around, but odds are, the answer you'll get will go like this: I have a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter. Actually, I have half a whole wheat bagel with the peanut butter on it." Sure enough, at least 70% of those she asked gave their answer EXACTLY like that, phrased exactly like that.

But yes, it's monstrous. It's a chore to pack because it's just so much bigger than so many other lenses.