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    FS: Miscellaneous Photography Gear

    I just want to give a heads up here that I am in the preliminary stages of selling a large portion (if not all) of my photography gear. I am starting with the small items and working my way up. I am putting together an album on flickr titled, "Photography Gear for Sale" and I have also already listed a couple things in "For Sale" groups on Facebook. The adding of items will take place over many days and possibly weeks. I don't have much but photos need to be taken of the stuff and prices set so it takes awhile.

    I will add items here with photos soon but check the flickr album also in case I forget to add an item here. If there is something you are maybe looking for, check with me either through TDP, Facebook, flickr or email me at I don't have a lot but still might be worth checking with me. Cameras and most lens not available as of yet.

    Link to the flickr folder ...

    Admin: Please let me know if it not okay to set it up this way and if individual ads are preferred.

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