I've often run into inadequate lighting when using DSLR video recordings (using a 7DII, or 70D, or even a 6D). Mostly family gatherings in a living room. The room may contain a few table lamps, perhaps a floor lamp, but nothing that puts out enough light. The result is as you'd expect. The lighting is insufficient. ISO 6400 is usually not enough. This is especially troublesome during the evening, when ONLY the interior lights are the source. Outside light is gone.

So, I need to add lighting in these situations. I can put some light stands in each corner of the room most of the time. With an 8 or 9 foot ceiling, I could push light into the room. Most of the rooms have white ceilings, but walls can be darker colors.

It doesn't have to be a fancy set up. I don't know much about how effective LED lights are.

Questions arise. How bright should the light be? Should I use standard incandescent bulbs? LED bulbs? Halogen? Should I shoot the light downward? Maybe something as simple as a clamp light?

Any help would be much appreciated.