Hi all,

Need some of the great advice I usually get here once again.

I've spent the last few weeks working on a project for my wife, going through my entire photo archive in DPP since 2007 and editing, converting, then transferring photos of our boys into a Collection, with the intent of taking all those photos to be printed and placed in photo albums. There are over 1000 photos in the Collection currently and I still have another 2 years to look through.

Today, the thought crossed my mind about the next step. I'll have to get all the photos onto a USB and get them printed or upload them somewhere, etc. Then I realized through trying that once photos are in a Collection, you can't copy or paste them anywhere else?????

How am I to get all the photos in the Collection onto a USB or uploaded to a website for printing if I can't copy all the photos from the Collection and move them somewhere else?

I don't want to have to go through all the folders the photos came from all over again and manually copy photos to new locations. That's like doing everything I've been doing the past few weeks all over again!

Any ideas on a way around this???