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Not far behind? Small advantages in a graph like this can be huge for pixel peepers on photo sites.
True and agreed. But, of course, the best camera is the one you have with you. One of the issues I have identified for myself is that there have been a couple of trips where I just took my iPhone. One trip to SoCal in particular I ended up watching a great sunset over the pier at Hermosa Beach. I tried to capture it with my iPhone. The final quality? Lets just say I haven't posted any of the images.

In terms of IQ and small advantages, I think it is fairly straightforward:

FF sensors > crop sensors > 1" sensors >>> camera phone sensors

And MF is likely better than FF. But, in the end, it is about have the best that you will have with you, or, where you will be satisfied.

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For IQ, I never downloaded a single picture. But zoomed in to max I had very good detail on eyelash and hair. I am optimistic that the IQ will be great as expected.
Thanks for the impressions. I look forward to hearing more.