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LOL - which man'f has the reliability/customer service edge again? I don't have enough insight to opine thoughtfully on this topic.

The comment about "niche" sounds like an interesting debate. If I am in the niche - it is a pretty big niche....
* Don't charge anybody money for my photo output/activity.
* Virtually 100% image viewing on a screen vs. print - (that is the biggy as it is limited to 10 bit depth best case)
* Modest cropping for composition
* Poor photoshop skills, perhaps a bit of shadow/highlight push/pull
* When in doubt bracket the exposure
* Enough disposable income that a net 2-3k total cost for a system change is comprehensible (stings, but isn't fatal to the marriage)
* Would take my gear more often if it was smaller. (I do not buy the cramps my fingers comments as this means you are holding your camera vs. lens when exposing the shot and the right hand should have a very light touch - good thing I am equally dysfunctional with both hands)
* shoot 99.9% of the time in adequate light (I know every shot has shadows and highlights - back in the day, I used 11 zone construct for my B&W)

No doubt I like the feel, sound and feedback of the 5DIII on silent shutter mode (5Ds series even better), something very satisfying and visceral.
Really like my glass config. I could see 50% of it staying in my bag w/ an adapter. But having an option to have a really small "walking around" package that has top of the line feature set..... hmmmm..... Look at the relative size of a MF 24-70 equiv to that of a APS/FF. One fits into a purse/backpack without much fuss, the other.....

Regardless, looking forward to your wife's conference. If we can get onto the Orlando Wetlands Park that would be nifty (Circle B equiv but WAY bigger).

Happy clicks.


Post script. Having read my post - sort of begs the question what are you waiting for? Get a MF body, a 12-35 f2.8, an adapter and sell off the 50% of the glass that is redundant, etc. Hmmmmm.... thinking, thinking, thinking.

Great days to all

Hi Mike....the manufacturer repair comment is based on my experience with Canon, which has all been positive, and what I read. Most specifically from Lensrentals. For example, look toward the end of this article. Canon 4-5 days per repair, Nikon ~24 days. Granted, that article is ~3 yrs old at this point. But I pretty continually hear things in Lensrental blogs that reaffirm Sony/Nikon having repair center issues and Canon being pretty darn good.

As for niche, I was talking about the one I was trying to fill. I am still building my kit around Canon FF bodies. My next body will likely be a 5DIV. So the niche I was looking to fill was not a primary body, but rather a secondary or backup body that was smaller/lighter and had a few things I do not have on the 5DIII such as a flip screen, etc. Something that I hope to use maybe 10-20% of the time, up from 4% in 2016.

As for what you are doing....it sounds to me like you might not need to swap systems, but just invest in a second smaller system. This is essentially what I have done as well as a few others. Over in the "What was Used" thread, a couple of forum members were using an M2 and A6000 for a pretty significant percentage of their shots in 2016, but had the dual option of Canon FF and a smaller mirrorless body.

Maybe in Feb we not only hit the wetlands park, but a camera store or two