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    Monitor Calibration

    Hi Everyone,

    Just looking to tap into the forums expertise and solicit thoughts.

    So, as part of my winter system reorg, I purchased a new monitor. I selected the Benq sw2700pt. Not 4K, but higher res than FHD, 10 bit, had 99% AdobeRGB and was well reviewed.

    I have it up and running (I am typing this on it right now). And, overall, I am very impressed. Great levels of control, pictures on screen almost look as good as prints, etc. But I have run into a single issue. It comes with its own calibration software. I have created a couple of profiles using that software and my Spyder5 calibration device. After calibration the Benq software lets you "Validate" the calibration. And my monitor keeps failing the validation step.

    In looking at it, the validation test wants the average dE to be less than 2 and the maximum dE to be less than 4. I am new to this, but dE is explained here, it appears to be a measurement of color accuracy/reproduction. The lower the dE, the closer the Spyder5 is to measuring the color it expects.

    The monitor came pre-calibrated and those values were avg dE = 0.45 and max dE = 1.97.

    After my first calibrations, I was in the 6 and 9 range for each. But my most recent values, after making some adjustments in the "advanced" calibration setup, are avg dE = ~2.2 (right above "pass" threshold), and max dE = 3.4 (technically a pass, but higher than the factory calibration). Looking at online reviews, and most reviewers were able to achieve avg and max dE very similar to my monitors factory calibration values.

    One thing I noticed was all the online reviewers used the x-rite i1 display pro where I have the Spyder5. In looking online, it does seem that the x-rite i1 is better, more consistent, more sensitive, and more accurate (example here).

    So, my question to those that know more than I about this topic:
    • Do you think it is possible that my monitor is fine and the issue is the Spyder5?
    • Do you think I might need to return/replace my monitor?

    And I am also aware, for the enthusiast photographer I am, this is probably still amazing. But right now my new toy prints a big red "Failed" when I try to validate my calibration and I would like to fix that.

    By the way, I have tried to contact Benq. Thus far their response was to check if the cable was properly connected . It is.

    Thanks in advance.
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