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Thread: 5DsR Bufer wierdness

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    I wonder if file size has anything to do with it. File size increases greatly with ISO. Not triple (so that is still odd), but it can double. I would think that anticipated file size would be part of the algorithm, but perhaps they only consider base ISO. I just checked on my 5DIII, and the number of pics projected to fill the buffer in the viewfinder does decrease with ISO (13 at base ISO, 12 at ISO 2000, and 10 at ISO 25,600), but maybe the 5DS(r) is different? That would be a bit ridiculous, but maybe. Also, at least with my 5DIII, it only goes down by 1 shot if I take 1 shot, so I am not seeing the same phenomena.

    Then, the other question, can you rattle off 12 shots on a slow card (filling buffer) before it slows? Or is it 9?

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    The 12 shots shown is how many you can shoot in a burst. I didn't see where anyone actually did a burst and counted out the 12 shots to see if the original number was accurate.

    Better yet shoot one shot, it jumps to 9 then do a burst and see if it only runs to 10.

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    Let me spell this out for you:
    1) Turn the camera on. Set it as desired. Observe buffer to be 12 shots.
    2) Take one shot. Observe buffer to be 9 shots.

    How does a 12-shot buffer dip to 9 on just one shot? Or, phrased differently, how screwed up does the estimation logic have to be for one shot to magically eat up 25% of the buffer?
    Well, let me spell this out for you, then:
    If the camera assumes you can take 12 photos, then it will show that. Then you take one photo. Based on how fast your memory card can store that photo, plus the size of the file, the camera may revise its estimate to that the continuous shooting buffer will be full already after nine shots, since it realizes that it's not getting rid of the already taken shots as fast as is theoretically possible, with the fastest card it can handle.

    This happens - it's no magic at all. But if it's the answer to what you observe, I don't know. Just that it could be.

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