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Thread: Peru - Lima and Cuzco

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    Peru - Lima and Cuzco

    Well of course Machu Piccu - but after that we have 1 day in Cuzco and 3 in Lima.

    Wandering around in Flickr and 500px for ideas - does anyone have any experience.

    Taking my non-photo daughter.

    Thanks for the ideas and thoughts.

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    Bucket list stuff Mike. Never been, but Machu Piccu, Nazca lines, and Lake Titicaca are all on my list. I would also be looking for additional, less popular, Incan ruins and then maybe find a jungle lodge with waterfalls or a beach someplace.

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    We went to Lima and Cuzco a few years ago. When are you going? Do you know where you'll be staying in both places?

    Cuzco has a nice central square (Plaza Mayor I believe). Might be nice to just walk around that area a bit. Lots of street vendors/artists and marketplaces there. Keep in mind that Cusco is quite a high elevation at 3400m or 11,150ft (higher than macho picchu). If you're not acclimatised it is easy to get light headed and short of breath (climate sickness). It can be worse if you're not in shape or are more active there than you're used to. You could consider taking a 1-day tour of the region - the sacred valley area is nearby and very scenic.

    In Lima, we stayed in the Miraflores district. This is apparently one of the safer areas and is often where tourists stay. We were told the area is fairly safe and did some walking along the coastal cliffs (there are parks and a trail along the top) and there are stairs in places that lead down to the beaches. Find the parque del amore on google maps if you want to have a look at that area. There is also a mall of sorts on the cliffside with shops and restaurants...more western style (starbucks) than most other places in Peru, but a nice view of the coastline from there as well. There are also lots of paragliders along the cliffs too and surfers in the ocean if you're into that.

    We also went to Huaca Pucllana which is a sort of clay pyramid ruins in the Miraflores district. Nowhere near the scale of Machu Picchu, but definitely pretty cool. Most of the structures are built from small clay bricks and I believe much of it is recreated as it is a very old site.

    Another interesting area is the Plaza Mayor (aka plaza de armas) in Lima. It is basically the historic centre of the city. Nice area to explore with lots of museums and architecture. There is a very beautiful cathedral here worth seeing as well. Definitely a nice place to visit.

    You should also be aware that we were told that not all taxis are safe in lima. So get your hotel to arrange one for you. The taxi driver will likely have a business card so you can call for pickup or else you can arrange a time and place in advance for pickup (that's what we did)...tip well and they definitely won't forget you .

    I'll see if I can dig up some pictures as well. I was just beginning with a dslr at the time so nothing very good...but should give you an idea of the areas.

    You should have a great trip no matter where you go. Machu Picchu itself is worth the trip...everything else is bonus!


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