Hi All

This picks up on a thread i started a fair while back and for various reasons have never been able to follow up on.

I need to take high quality pictures during surgery (I am a specialist veterinary surgeon and need good pictures to illustrate lectures). I will typically have a non-sterile assistant to take the pictures. The camera will need to be around 30-50 cm from the surgical field, and the field of interest will be typically between 5 and 30 cm in length.

I have an EOS 7D body and was looking for a recommendation for a lens and light source. Previously the EFS 17-55 zoom was recommended alongside a MR14 EX ring flash. As i understand it, this ring flash will fit onto many lenses using macrolite adaptors, but these only go up to 72 mm and the 17-55 has a 77 mm filter size. Could i attach the flash to this lens somehow, and would it cut off the peripheral parts of the image? Is this lens still considered the most appropriate or has something better come along. I am wary that one day I might upgrade to a full-frame sensor but that won't be for some time, so happy to consider EFS lenses if they are better suited to my requirement. A lot of the zooms i was thinking might be suitable (24-105 and the 24-70) also have 77mm filter sizes