Some may remember my previous threads on picking lenses for an Alaska cruise, this being one of them: https://community.the-digital-pictur...ead.php?t=8029

We're headed back to Alaska in September, and I'm on the fence for what to take. Assume we're doing a wildlife excursion in Ketchikan (commercial fishing demonstration/catch&release, with a variety of other wildlife while enroute), a whale watch/photo safari in Juneau, perhaps a trip to Kroschel Animal Refuge in Haines, and the typical viewing from the ship all along the way.

Here's what's pretty well set in my mind: 1Dx with 100-400 II (hanging from my right shoulder), 5DsR with 600/4 with 1.4x or 2x TCs (I plan to rent both) on a monopod.

Here's the question that's left: assume 5D Mark 3 hanging from my left shoulder (though possibly 5D Mark 4), do I go with 16-35/4IS and maybe a 50/1.2 in a pouch if I want something in the middle, or do I go with 24-70/2.8 II and the 14/2.8II in a pouch for something wider than 24mm?